GET THE LOOK // CW’s ARROW – Felicity Smoak

Fact about me: I definitely spend more time analyzing characters’ make-up choices on my favorite TV shows and movies than I do paying attention to the actual story. Hence, the Get the Look segment. I’ll be breaking down the make-up MO’s of some of our favorite geek girls on screen and showing you how to wear their look in your everyday life.

I have to kick off this feature with my favorite Girl Friday, Felicity Smoak from the CW’s Arrow. Felicity is pretty much the living definition of geek chic. She’ll hack your security system, military-grade firewalls bedamned, and do it while rocking some of the cutest glasses you’ve ever seen, shoes with kittens on them, and a bright pink lip. She makes ponytails and pencil skirts look like serious business.

Felicity Felicity2felicity3BREAK IT DOWN, NOW…

SKIN | A semi-matte, or “airbrush” foundation will give you nice, even coverage and a fresh-looking base without coming over caked-on and gross. Go easy with a little blush on the apples of your cheeks and dust it all with a good setting powder.

EYES | I’m trying so hard not to make a “smoak-y eye” joke here. Most of the time, Felicity is wearing glasses (bespectacled solidarity, woo!), so a little extra definition goes a long way to make sure her baby blues are still swoon-inducing. Use a soft brown liner along the upper and lower lashline, sweep on a nude shadow that matches your skin tone fairly closely and has a hint of gold sheen (universally flattering), curl those lashes up, and drape them in a coat of brown waterproof mascara. Defined but neutral is the key here, because…

LIPS| Felicity’s look is all about the bold lip. Whether it’s a vibrant fuchsia, cheerful coral or a deep plum, this girl does not shy away from making a statement with her mouth. Which is definitely where statements usually come from, but you get my point…

One of the challenges of a lip like this is that lipstick is kind of a pain in the ass, let’s be real. If it’s not migrating halfway down your face with every sip of your latte, it’s getting all chunky and weird and drying the crap out of your kisser. Never fear, though – I have a fantastic solution. Or, Revlon does, at least.

Lip Stains. Okay, I know, the word “stain” isn’t encouraging. But bear with me. Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is my new obsession. I’ve tried more expensive stains and had okay results, but these babies are a two-in-one stain and balm combo. No drying out, no fading, next-to-no need for constant touch-ups. Trust me on this – I made a point of pushing this product’s limits when I got it because I couldn’t really believe it would stay moist and colorful with the amount of lip-chewing I do on the daily…

So how do you wear it? Choose your shade -Crush, Lovesick and Rendezvous are my favorites-, give your lips a good scrub with terry washcloth (or a toothbrush if you have a spare to dedicate to that purpose), then apply. Simple as that.  Follow your natural lip line – no need to color outside the lines here. Touch up occasionally, but otherwise, set it and forget it, as they say.  I’m a big fan of realistic expectations, so if you run up to some random handsome guy (or sexy, sexy lady, for that matter…) in the street and plonk a giant kiss on their cheek like in the commercials, it’s gonna leave a lip-shaped autograph and they’re gonna be pissed (more likely their significant other is…), but otherwise this is an exceptional product that will last through whatever genius-sidekick-techmaster adventures you get up to.

With twelve different shades to choose from, and all under $10, you can hoard them all and channel Ms. Smoak with a different color every day without needing a bank account like Ollie’s. I’m giving you permission: go buy them all.

jesscollageClockwise | Mug Test – regular MAC lipstick on the left, Balm Stain on the right / Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in “Crush” / C’est moi in “Crush”

 So there you have it – bold, colorful lips are nowhere near as intimidating as they seem.  Just play around with what colors work best for you and remember that makeup washes off! Spoiler alert: these colors work great on pretty much everyone. Oh, and by the way – if any of the above techniques like “sweep on…” or “use a…” are a little too vague for you, stay tuned! Next up, it’s tutorial time. I’ll be demonstrating basic makeup application techniques. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Hit up the comments section with questions, opinions, pics of your Felicity look, or your thoughts on the products mentioned!


Disclaimer: I didn’t get paid or bribed with free shinies from Revlon to say these nice things. Just my own damn opinion.


4 thoughts on “GET THE LOOK // CW’s ARROW – Felicity Smoak

  1. OMG a mug test! I love that you did a mug test! I drink tea CONSTANTLY so a mug test is key. Also, I have one of those lip stains and love it! I don’t wear it often (I got it for my punk rock Ravenclaw for last year’s D*C, so the color is a bit out of my comfort zone on purpose) but I do love that it’s so low-maintenance, on the occasions that I do wear it out.

    • Mug tests are mandatory! I’m pretty shameless when it comes to walking around carrying S-Bux lattes with big ol’ red lip imprints on them, but mugs are a different story!

      I’d love to see you rock the stain again… maybe we can play makeup twins at D*C one night?

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